Thirty Days of Thankful: My Family

Let me just say, picking ONE person as my “lifter upper” was all kinds of hard.  Today’s prompt being Family made it a bit easier.  I have the most amazing family and each and every person within it has influenced the woman I’ve grown to become.  980718_10200094248826132_585479912_o

My mom has always been the hardest worker I know. I firmly believe that my work ethic is completely due to her.  I’m thankful she instilled in me the drive to always give my all–even on days that giving my all completely exhausts me.  IMG_6888a

My dad… We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but just recently we’ve become closer than we’ve been in years.  Watching him be such an amazing “guhdaddy” to my boys is probably the icing on that cake though.  Seeing the amount of love he has for my little nuclear family is so nice and so uplifting.  That alone has me so blessed.  546957_118522331647373_1147646285_n

My sisters.. Oh my sisters.  Because of them I’ve always strived to do my best, and I’m thankful to have two “little girls” that were always looking up to me throughout my teenage years so I kept out of the majority of the trouble I could have gotten into.  If I didn’t want them doing it, I thought really hard about doing it myself and most of the time I didn’t do whatever it was. 4918_1077711990169_2031749_n

My grandparents: My Memaw was always there to talk about things that were going on.  She was able to calm me down when my mom and I had those epic battles that all teenage girls seem to have with their moms.  My Budgie and Granddaddy were always there–always–supporting me and believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.  Perfect example? I didn’t even want to apply for the scholarship I got in college because I didn’t think I was worthy–my Granddad pretty much pushed it on me and I filled out the application just so he’d stop talking about how I should do it.  1271393_10200819819364942_1184427710_o

My boys.  Paul, Xander, and Liam are my entire world.  They give my life more meaning than I ever thought possible.  They make me smile, they make me laugh, they sometimes drive me absolutely crazy… They show me (and each other) more love than I could ever ask for, and make me so proud to be their momma and wife.  I am so beyond blessed to have my three boys.

I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing family… I’m so thankful to have them in my life and that they’re all a phone call away when I need them–or in my boy’s case I can walk into whatever room they’re in and give them a squeeze!

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