Thirty Days of Thankful: Friends

Being a military wife can be rough.  You move pretty frequently and with every move comes putting together a new house, and a new “life” for your family.  Thankfully, this is 2013 not 1953, and I’m able to stay in contact with all of my amazing friends that live in the other places we’ve been.

Before we moved to Key West we lived in SoCal and I made friends with an AMAZING lady thanks to a group I found for babies that were Xander’s age at the time.  Not only did Cassi and I become great friends, Xander also loved her little ones.  (Yes she has two babies that are even closer in age than mine!  She really is Super Mom!!!)

Xander and Jaxon

Xander and Jaxon

Cassi is always posting pictures of her babies on Facebook and making me realize the trouble that Xander and Liam are going to be getting into in a few more months!  She dives 110% into everything she does and right now she’s a stay at home mommy–and I strive to be more like her.  She has SO much energy and is constantly keeping up with two high-strung toddlers–I only have one high-strung toddler and I feel like I’m constantly counting down the hours to bed time.

Another great thing about Cassi? We can go weeks, even months without talking and then when we do get to catch up its like nothing has changed.  We can also be genuinely happy for each other.  Earlier this week I found out she and her husband are moving back to Oklahoma (that’s right!  I made friends with another Oklahoma girl while living in California, what are the odds?) anyways they’re moving back to Oklahoma and we were able to talk about where both of our lives are currently–which are kind of mirror images in some ways despite our differences.  I’ll admit I’m jealous that she’s moving close to home and will be able to see family all the time.  But I’m also ecstatic for her and the kiddos.  They are going to LOVE having all their little cousins around and they’ve all got SO much love to give that I can’t wait to see pictures of them just having a ball.

Cassi and I with the boys at Xander's first birthday party.

Cassi and I with the boys at Xander’s first birthday party.

I’m SO blessed to have friends that I can share my ups and downs with, and I’m also blessed that I have friends going through the same challenges and triumphs at relatively the same time.  As the Golden Girls would say, “Thank you for being a friend!” :)

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