Thirty Days of Thankful: Success

Of all the things I’ve done somewhat right in my life, picking out my husband has got to be the best.

20131108-210014.jpgFunny story, I didn’t really pick him out. My mom gave him my phone number! If it would have been up to me I probably never would have given him a second thought. That’s me being honest. When I met Paul I had a lot going on, and didn’t think I had time for a boyfriend.

Thankfully I answered his phone calls, and texts, and we ended up with the cutest little boys in the world. Of all my “successes” marrying him (and staying married to him!!) is hands down the best one.

20131108-205529.jpgIt’s so easy for a marriage to turn into a failure, so continuing to strengthen ours is something we’ve both committed to. And I’ll be honest, it’s probably a whole lot harder to be married to me than it is to be married to him–because I am NOT Super Wife, and I have a hard time putting other’s needs ahead of my own!

20131108-205919.jpgThat being said, he’s the absolute best daddy to my babies! I don’t think there is another man in the world that could be as patient with the boys as he is, and there is definitely no man that could be HALF as patient as he is with me! So, a success to be thankful for? Definitely answering the phone after my mom gave some random guy my number. :)


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