Thirty Days of Thankful: Happy Birthday Marines

IMG_7591aSo the Marine Corps Birthday isn’t actually until tomorrow, and the actual blog prompt for today was food.  But this isn’t a food blog, and food is not only hard to photograph, but it’s also just flat-out hard for me to write about.  Therefore I’m changing my post for the day, and I’m being thankful for the Marine Corps.  Not only is it Paul’s job, but the Marines are also a huge part of our nation’s freedom.  (Don’t worry, I’m not going to give a history lesson!)IMG_7585a

Tonight I had the pleasure of spending time with about 80 or so people to celebrate the 238th Marine Corps birthday.  I really didn’t want to go–Liam is having a tough time and I had some major issues with the dress I rented (so bad that I ended up wearing a dress that didn’t really fit all that great, but worked thank God!)–and honestly it’s hard leaving your babies, no matter how awesome your neighbors are!  But I went, because Paul would have been extremely disappointed if I skipped out, and we had a good time.  I was able to meet a bunch of people that he works with.  And we were able to just have “us time” which we don’t get very often since we’re juggling two babies and jobs on top of normal life stuff like cleaning the house.

I made the boys take pictures before we left, Liam's onesie--Xander wore that for our family photos when he was ONE!

I made the boys take pictures before we left, Liam’s onesie–Xander wore that for our family photos when he was ONE!

Paul was part of the planning committee for the ball this year, and they did an amazing job!  We went on a three-hour sunset cruise, and it was probably the best ball we’ve been to.  I had a great time spending time with our friends, and celebrating our marines–those of the past and those of the here and now.  If you see any Marines tomorrow, make sure and tell them Happy Birthday!  And remember to thank our Vets on Monday for all they’ve done!

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