Thirty Days of Thankful: Words of Wisdom

I have had LOTS of parenting advice thrown my way since getting pregnant with Xander three years ago. The very best little gem can be applied to life with or without kids though. It’s pretty simple, just five short words really, “Do what works for you!”

I’m still a new mom, so advice is (and will probably always be) welcome. But sometimes the advice I get would just never work in our house. But I’m also given some pretty good ideas sometimes. (Like to let the boys do tummy time on me while I’m laying down until they get used to it–worked like a charm by the way!!)
When things haven’t worked, it was really easy to get caught up in the “but so and so’s baby always fell asleep while being rocked..” And that’s where doing what works for US comes into play. When you realize that your little one doesn’t respond the same way as every other baby in a fifty mile radius then you can stop listening to what everyone thinks you should do and focus on what truly works.

And when you’re able to find something that truly works, whether its for sleeping, screaming, or the million other areas that we at some point in time struggle as parents, you’re able to truly be thankful that you survived your children one more time. :)

One thought on “Thirty Days of Thankful: Words of Wisdom

  1. Karol Cain

    Always trial and error until you find what works for each child no two are alike so make the best n pray they both are easily comforted in their own way


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