Thirty Days of Thankful: A Photo

Paul was part of the Color Guard that led the Veteran’s Day Parade here today. After the parade was over a retired veteran told us he expected to see us at the VFW for dinner, so we of course went.
The photo I really wanted to use didn’t get taken unfortunately, but there is a really great story that goes along with it. While we were at the VFW Xander needed to go to the bathroom so I took him (and Liam was in the carrier asleep so he of course was along for the ride!) On our way back from the potty a Vietnam Vet stopped me and this is when I really wish I had gotten a photo. He told me that I had a really good looking Marine, and thanked me for standing behind him and supporting him like “it’s obvious that you do.”
Mind you this was a man that had been to Vietnam twice in the infantry. I stood there and listened to him talk about his time in the service, and then he started telling me thank you again and I teared up. I told him he didn’t have to thank me at all, and that my boys and I are the ones that needed to thank him. So we did. And we hugged. And my heart kind of melted a bit.
There are military spouses that think they deserve an applause for supporting their spouse. Let me just say that I’m not one of those. I’d support Paul no matter what career path he took, because that’s what a wife does. Having someone thank me for supporting my husband completely melted my heart today. And for that I’m thankful. I’m also thankful for the retired USMC Sgt I met at the VFW today. I’ll always be thankful for his, as well as all of our other veteran’s service!

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