Thirty Days of Thankful: My Job

Two months ago I started a part time job thanks to my dad where I get to stay at home with the boys but still have the possibility of making some money on the side. (I say possibility because it isn’t a “pay by the hour” gig!) But my real job is still being a stay at home momma to the two cutest boys in my world.
Getting to spend my days with the boys is probably the most stressful time in my life, because it always seems like the world goes nuts on the days that Paul is gone. For example, today while Paul was at work the water company here decided to rip up half of our driveway to replace some pipes. This happened during nap time. Guess who didn’t get to take his nap on time and was a total nightmare for the majority of they day? If you guessed Xander you’d be very correct. Not only is it the most stressful time in my life, its also the sweetest and most blessed time in my life. After he screamed bloody murder for 45 minutes straight, Xander looked up at me and said “Sorry momma, love you!” We definitely have our crazy moments, and there are days where I think that it’d be so much easier to send them to day care… But I have a hard time leaving them to get my hair cut, so I know I couldn’t do day care right now. Even in the craziest of crazy moments, I know I’m truly blessed to get to spend all day with my boys! And when I question it, Liam gives me one of his slobbery kisses or Xander tells me something silly that reminds me how I’m in the exact spot I’m supposed to be. And no paycheck in the world could replace the memories we’re making every day. That’s the REAL blessing.


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