Thirty Days of Thankful: Charity

20131115-175655.jpgWe could always find a way to give a little more. I think nearly everyone could. Paul has a fixed amount sent to The Ronald McDonald House out of every check. And I’m a huge fan of the Wounded Warrior Project.
Did you know there’s an app (for iPhones, not sure about other operating systems) that will track your runs, bike rides, etc and donate a set amount per mile to the charity of your choice? It’s called Charity Miles and you can read all about it here.
I found out about it while reading a running magazine a couple of years ago and have been using it to donate to Wounded Warrior ever since. Even when we’re just walking around downtown I’ll turn it on, because a mile is a mile! If anything it’s a way to give back without going out of your way. (It can still track your distance while you run other apps–like music or MapMyRun, etc!)
As often as we’re putting miles on our jogging stroller, I’m thankful we can spend time with the boys while giving back to organizations that are truly deserving! Especially since all I have to do is open up an app on my phone! If you’re a walker, runner, or bike rider I hope you’ll consider downloading Charity Miles. It’s free!

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