Thirty Days of Thankful: Shining Moments

My whole life is my boys. There, I admitted it.
Every single one of these prompts makes me think of a way that incorporates them. But to be honest, the first thing I thought of when I read today’s prompt has nothing to do with my boys and all to do with me!

I made jelly all by myself!
You’re probably thinking, “Okay, big rip?” Well, I’ve never done it by myself before! I’ve watched my Budgie make her plum jelly a few times, but never done it myself. Now I’ll be honest, I probably made the easiest jelly known to man. (Jalapeño Jelly!) But it is delicious as a dip with cream cheese and crackers and I’m pretty proud of it! (Plus it’s really pretty in the jars!)

I should also give credit where credit’s due and thank my husband for his green thumb–all the peppers came from his garden! Good job Super Dad! Also a big thanks goes to my Granddad for coming up with Ace Hardware being a place that would sell pectin! I thought I was going to have to order it online!! And more credit-thanks Xander for not eating the bell peppers when you brought them inside from “harvesting!” I can’t wait to find other ways to eat it–although I’m pretty sure Super Dad is already thinking several up!

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