Thirty days of thankful: Daily Indulgence

Something I do daily that I consider an indulgence? It’d have to be Pinterest. Of all the things I do online this one is purely for ME. I come up with all kinds of stuff thanks to the biggest time suck of the internet! Like the water table for Xander? It was inspired by Pinterest.I’m trying a new recipe? I bet it’s inspired by Pinterest. Half of the crafts I do with the boys? Inspired by Pinterest!

You know the weekly photos I’ve been taking of the boys since Xander was born? They were totally inspired by Pinterest! And it hasn’t just given me craft ideas, I’ve learned how to use my camera better thanks to different Pins on Photography. I’ve learned different tricks in the kitchen.. Like you can swap Greek yogurt for mayo, sour cream, and a bunch of other different things!

There are days where I come up with nothing, but then there are days that I have planned projects for the next two weeks!! I’m currently working on something that I was inspired to do by looking at Pinterest, and I’m hoping it turns out well!


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