Thirty Days of Thankful: A Trip

I’ve been on many trips, from family vacations, choir trips, road trips, moving trips, etc.

But my favorite trip happened this year–and while I’m not always thrilled to live here, I’m beyond thankful to be here. Our cross country move was a bit insane. We spent an entire month driving across the country spending time with family that we rarely ever get to see. It was so great to see Xander playing with cousins and seeing grandparents hold him and snuggle him. Honestly seeing grandparents snuggle him was probably the best. I hate that Liam hasn’t gotten that yet–but we’re going back in about a year and he’ll be the exact age that Xander was when we made our cross country trip this year!!

Back to being thankful, getting to spend time with family is always a big deal when you’re a military family–but getting to see (almost) every single member of our family within a 30 day span–that, for us, is something to be truly thankful for!!! (Oh and the fact that we both survived the trip without killing each other is thankful worthy too!!) :)

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