Thirty Days of Thankful: A Project

We’re a crafty bunch around here lately… And we have been focusing on Thanksgiving day crafts because when else do you get excited about turkey’s–unless you’re a turkey hunter but there is none of that where we are.

Our first craft is what Xander calls his “stained glass” I traced his hand on a piece of paper and then traced the hand onto a piece of glass from a frame using puffy paint. Then after it dried he painted it. It’s a little “abstract” but I love it. And it hangs on the door in my kitchen which makes me happy.

This one is all me. I used some scrap wood and painted the feathers onto the big board, then stained it so the colors were a little muted. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but thankfully it worked. Then I just took a scrap piece of wood I’d painted brown, glued it to the big board and then painted on the turkey beak and waddle and glued the eyes on. Slapped a hanger on the back and now it’s hanging on the wall until we take down Thanksgiving to hang up Christmas stuff!!

Last but not least is another Xander and Mommy project. I stained everything and painted it when I did the other one. Then, I let him pick through the feathers and gather all the red, white, orange and yellow feathers out of the package. (There are over 500 feathers so we did this when dad was at work because it was a little messy!) Then I hot glued them in place. These are Xander’s favorites and they sit by the tv when he isn’t carrying them around saying, “Gobble gobble!”
All in all, I’m thankful my boys enjoy crafting with me–for the most part at least. :)

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