First Foods and Funny Faces

Liam turns 6 months old next week! Time has literally flown by!! The boys in our house have been a little anxious on Liam getting to eat solids, and I finally gave in.

Let me start by saying you always see photos of kids making funny faces about the food their parents feed them. Xander was NEVER that kid. You put it in front of him and he ate it. Just like everything else, Liam is the exact opposite of his brother. Every bite of avocado brought on a different face!

Some were smiley, but most were as if to say, “Mom, why do you guys get so excited about this mush!?!”

Xander wanted to hold Liam’s hand and kept telling him, “Swallow brother! Swallow! No spit out! Yummy abacado! Yummy yummy! Swallow!”

But at the end of the day, he was just happy to play with the spoon. He’s not really in a hurry to eat big kid food yet after all! :)

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