A quick game of catch-up.

20131230-221608.jpgSometime between my last post and now I received a phone call from my little sister saying she was moving her wedding up a solid year. Ahh! So the boys and I (and usually when I say boys I include Super Dad but this time I’m not including him!) made a quick 6-day trip to Oklahoma to see her get married. Of course Xander turned into Todzilla right before the wedding started, so I ended up having to walk with him into another room and pretty much missed the whole thing. But thanks to technology I watched it on my phone (thanks for recording it Mom!) later on that night.

That trip came at a perfect time in some ways and a horrible time in others.

20131230-222346.jpgPerfect because it was Christmas time, we got to see the lights, there was a “warm front” of sorts and it wasn’t totally freezing the entire time we were there–remember my babies think 60 degrees is cold!–and both boys are at fun ages.

20131230-221503.jpg Horrible because Super Dad couldn’t get off work to come with us–traveling with two babies is not something anyone wants to do, it was cold, there was an ice storm, and I’m pretty sure everyone we saw was sick.

We came home sick, and actually took Xander to the doctor within 2 hours of getting home! (He had a horrible ear infection but is all better now!) And despite being sick and Super Dad having to work, we had an awesome Christmas! Xander has finally figured out opening presents (last year he cried and tried to wrap them again!) Liam is mobile and just scooted towards the paper piles to play. And I got to take pictures.

Since we’ve been home the top of my microwave has become a pharmacy, Liam has decided his mission in life is reminding me he’s growing fast, and Xander has shown his selective listening skills off. Paul surprised me with an ipad for my birthday (which isn’t until next week!) And Allie has gotten lots of cuddles from two little boys that missed their puppy while we were gone.
So much more happened in the month of December, but I’m writing a blog post not a book. And of course I’d hate to bore you to tears!!


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