Catching Up..

IMG_0162aWhat a great way to start the year–by playing catch up.  In all honesty I’m not worried about it at all, and let me tell you why.  My “New Year’s Resolution” was to take better care of myself-in all areas.  That might seem silly, but as a stay at home mom it’s REALLY easy to let “me time” and “breathe time” go out the window to make sure everyone else’s needs get met.  So, in the last 18 days I’ve read a book, tried out several new recipes, spent LOTS of time with my babies and less time with all the technology that seems to fill our home.

There is a viral blog post going around about “divorcing your smart phone,” you can read it here.  I actually read it the day it was posted, and have been trying to be more mindful of how often I’m on my phone instead of spending time with the boys.  I have to say, I’m proud of myself.  My phone is staying charged a lot later in the day than it used to, and is usually just starting to die near the end of nap time–which has been lasting three hours lately for Xander by the way!! So I just plug it in then and go about my day sans phone.  It’s GREAT.

IMG_0278aAlso, I’ve spent more time outside with the boys–and for all our family in the tundra of Oklahoma, I know you’ll roll your eyes as you read this next part, so bear with me–it’s actually been a little chilly here.  The sunshine babies have had to wear jackets off and on the last few days-and the last few times Xander has gone outside with me he’s told me, “Momma it’s cold, need jackets!”  If this is what happens to Key West when Polar Vortexes hit, send some more our way!  60 degrees is so the new 80! Haha.

Besides taking better care of myself as a momma, I’ve also kept taking care of myself physically.  Notice I didn’t say I’ve started to, because I’ve been taking pretty good care of myself for quite some time.  This last week I went on a longer run than normal with Super Dad and the boys, and didn’t take such good care of myself, and have paid for it ever since.  But, we’ve been eating a lot healthier than we did around the holidays, and we’re incorporating a “Meatless Monday” into our weekly menu now too.  IMG_0225a

Now that I’ve bored you with myself, let me update you on the boys.  Xander got a BUNCH of trains for Christmas along with a couple of different types of blocks.  He’s really enjoying all the new toys and books, but isn’t always enjoying the cleaning up of the toys.  He is talking up a storm.  When we go on walks he’s constantly pointing out things and telling me all about them.  “Look Mom, a dog! It’s running! Woo Woo (That’s his whistle sound!) Go catch him, Mom!” You get it, I’m sure.  He’s a huge help, whether it be sorting laundry, in the kitchen, or helping me with Liam related things.  He’s also Liam’s biggest fan and is constantly cheering him on, or cheering him up–whichever of the two is appropriate at the time.  IMG_0230

Lately with Liam there has been about an equal amount of cheering on and cheering up.  He’ll be 8 months old next week, and is crawling on all fours and sitting up on his own as well as pulling himself up to standing! With all these milestones comes lots of breakdowns, but he’s really not near as bad as Xander was–although I seem to be the only thing that can calm him at some point.  We’ve been trying different purees for the last two months and haven’t had much success at all, but in the last couple of days we’ve given him pieces of cucumbers and those seem to be a hit.  Baby-led weaning here we come! He’s also quite a big talker, and is my little entertainer.  He will be nursing, and all the sudden stop and start doing his “Dadada” blabbering followed by blowing bubbles.  Then, he laughs.  He did this last night as we were laying in bed going to sleep and I woke up Paul when I started laughing at Liam laughing..  He always brings a smile to my face, which is the absolute best part of being these crazy boys’ momma.

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