The Internet, and My Feelings of Love and Hate

20140212-204627.jpgFirst, let me say that I really do love the internet. Wifi and Apple have made it possible for my boys to see my Dad every night before bed for the last 6 or so months! I’m also able to blog and keep everyone up to date on our crazy lives 1500 miles away from family. But, the internet and social media come with this crappy price tag that I can’t stand. (And we have a great plan for cheap internet so it isn’t the actual money I’m talking about!)

I absolutely can’t stand all the cyber bullying that goes on. It isn’t even just teenage girls, in case you were wondering. It’s grown men and women constantly belittling each other. This “I’m way better than you” stuff is quickly becoming my pet peeve.

If you have ever spent more than 30 minutes with me you’ll learn that I’m very pro-breastfeeding. That’s because it’s what works for us. I follow several Facebook pages that are pro-breastfeeding as well, but I’ve been on an “unliking spree” lately because of some of the comments people are making. Some people are calling women out for using formula, and saying they aren’t doing what’s best for their babies, among other extremely harsh things. I’ve already said I’m pro-breastfeeding, so this next part might come as a shock: I’m really pro-babies. Without formula some babies just wouldn’t make it. Is breastfeeding best? Usually yes, but some moms need medicines that don’t do well with breastfeeding, some moms don’t make enough milk, some moms just can’t breastfeed for their own private reasons. Formula is good, and keeps babies growing and hitting milestones and healthy. There is a reason it was invented and it’s fulfilling it’s purpose by keeping babies alive.

20140212-204929.jpgNow I bring up breastfeeding because it’s the most “in your face” type of belittling I see. However, there is always someone making passive aggressive comments about everything from how often someone is working out, to a parenting style, etc. Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? Why have we become so jaded that we don’t realize how flat out MEAN we sound at our keyboards?
It’s tough being parents–heck it’s tough being people! So cut your friends, and even your enemies some slack! Be nice, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. I promise, I’m trying to do this more too!

And a quick update on the boys: Liam is growing like a weed and is wearing clothes Xander wore when we moved to Key West last year!! Xander is talking up a storm and singing everything he hears–his memory surprises me daily! And they both show me how loved I am every single day! :)

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