Put a book on their heads!

The boys are growing WAY too fast for my liking! Liam wore a size 18 month outfit. The outfit is one that Xander wore this last summer, it might even still fit him! It got put in the hand me down box whenever Xander potty trained because it snaps on the bottom and that’s hard when you’re two and need to hurry!
Back to the ever growing babies.. Xander has learned several shapes and can draw circles (it’s a bit rough but distinguishable.) One of our favorite games right now involves me saying a shape and him running to it on the concrete. (I’ve drawn them all out in chalk.) Along with his shapes he knows the majority of his colors, and while this isn’t new news, it is exciting because he’ll actually tell us when we ask now. Until recently he would just tell us a random color and not even look at what we were asking. (Just being silly!)
Liam is a whole other story. He pulls himself up to standing, and will take steps around furniture if he doesn’t think you’re looking. He immediately starts crying if you catch him though, little stinker! Watching Xander is still one of his favorite activities, but he’s also started copying him. He is starting to entertain himself a little more. I can let him sit in the baby pool and he’ll go to town splashing and I don’t have to constantly entertain him. (I’m always right there though, don’t worry!)
Both boys are doing so great. Liam is ahead of the game whenever I compare his “list of firsts” to Xander’s. I know that part of it is because he has a big brother to watch, but it will always be fun to compare them. One way that they are the same is their love. They both absolutely love giving love. Xander will randomly come to one of us and just hug us, give us kisses, or hold our hand. Liam, at nearly 9 months has started giving kisses. They feel more like head butts, but it’s very apparent that he’s showing us that he loves us. While I hate that they’re growing so fast, it’s their new abilities to share their love that makes it all so worth it. These babies are my life. I’m so beyond blessed to have them. I’d love to “put a book on their head” to keep them little, but since that isn’t possible I’ll settle for soaking up every little thing they do!

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