Monthly Archives: March 2014

Brother Love

I often find myself telling people that the boys love each other so much! And they really do.
Yes, Xander enjoys taking toys that “Eeam is too little to play with” a little too much, and “Eeam no!” seems to be a favorite phrase of his lately, but they really do love each other more than anything.

Example? A little while ago Xander got in trouble for being too rough with Allie, and after I got onto him he covered himself up completely with the blanket and was crying. Liam got down from my lap where he had been nursing, crawled over and uncovered the blankets by Xander’s face to check on him. And then covered him in kisses.
When they’re in high school stories like this will completely embarrass them, but they’ll also remind me just how sweet my baby boys are. Their love for each other reaffirms that having Liam when we did was the most perfect thing for our family no matter how crazy two under the age of two is! I always say the boys are my biggest blessings, and they truly are! I don’t know what I’d do without their shenanigans. :)


Now that Liam is mobile I’ve had to really work on my multitasking. The kid crawls faster than lightning, and is already standing and taking steps around furniture so in all moments of the day I have to keep an eye on him no matter what else I’m doing! In the rare moments that he’s sleeping I try and get as much done as possible, but I also have to keep Xander as quiet as possible. (Which means he can’t give me his little vocal concerts that he has grown extremely proud of!)
Today, I had to meal plan and make my grocery list! The commissary is closed Sunday and Monday and we’re running out of staples so I have to go as soon as super dad is back with the car. With Liam strapped to my chest sleeping I got to planning!

Of course Xander decided he needed my full undivided attention, so I handed him a Parenting magazine. Why? To practice colors!! I could easily tell him “find me something red!” And he would spend a few minutes flipping through the pages until he found something red! So, meals are planned, grocery list is made, and we practiced our colors too! Now if the boys will both nap at the same time this afternoon this tired momma might be able to get some sleep too!!
What things are you guilty of doing in order to get things done? Anything you’re extremely great at when it comes to multitasking?

Resist Painting Fun

Super Dad has started taking college classes again, which means that I have to come up with “quiet” activities for my little Todzilla so homework can get done! (Let’s face it, my boys are never going to nap at the same time!)

Today’s activity was an easy resist painting. Super dad made a shelf for the bathroom and left the tape out after he stained it. So, I took it upon myself to show Xander how to make an X with the tape and then gave him watercolors to play with.

He did a pretty good job for his first time, and the next one will be even better.

It was a perfect activity to keep him busy (and relatively quiet) so Super Dad could finish up some homework, and I could nurse Liam to sleep. Plus it teaches cause and effect! There will definitely be more of these in the future, but I’ll have to buy some more watercolors first!! :)


I’ll be honest, the last 12 or so hours haven’t been our best ever.

Last night Paul was holding a sleeping Liam while I did my leg workout and little man woke up. I tried to hurry and finish but he was NOT a happy camper. I ended up just taking him and immediately Liam got sick all over me. I’ll spare you the details. We did sleep last night, and thankfully he slept late this morning. However I was constantly waking up to check on my little guy. He hasn’t thrown up anymore today, but has had the opposite issue. I’m really hoping I don’t jinx myself when I say we’ve been in the clear for nearly two hours.
I’m sure you already know this, but stomach bugs are NO fun, and they are especially no fun when it’s your sweet 9 month old that’s sick!

Now we have a much happier Liam.. Let’s just pray that Xander and the rest of our family get spared from this nasty bug!

Our Friend Tiny

Xander is quite the character lately. He’s really gotten into singing and dancing and putting on little concerts for me. His imagination is on point, let me tell you! He will come up with some of the silliest stories sometimes. Other times he’s completely serious and tells me the sweetest things, like when he told me earlier today, “Momma I love you and brother so so much! And Piper too, not Allie today.”

How I really know his imagination is in overdrive right now is due to a very innocent little story he has started telling me the last few days. You see, Xander has an imaginary friend. His friend is named Tiny. Tonight during dinner Tiny was waiting for Xander in his room and wanted Xander to finish eating so they could play. Then when he got in the bath he had to run back to his room and tell Tiny to wait for him. When I ask him if Tiny is a boy or a girl, Xander just says, “It’s just Tiny, Mom!” And then he’ll whisper to Tiny and start giggling. He has had to tell Tiny things more today than any other day so far, and we had to wait on Tiny to come before we could leave the house to go to the exchange today too. Apparently Tiny walks slow–or maybe he/she has short legs and it just takes him/her a while to catch up!

His newest friend makes me smile. I hope this innocence lasts, because it brings a constant joy to my days at home with the boys. There is something about Xander having an imaginary friend that makes his growing into a little boy more real. While I don’t necessarily like having to slow down and wait on Tiny, Xander’s new friend is reminding me that he’s growing up fast, so I’ll be patient with Tiny and his/her slow walking. Hopefully our new friend sticks around a while, and hopefully the concerts do too!