Our Friend Tiny

Xander is quite the character lately. He’s really gotten into singing and dancing and putting on little concerts for me. His imagination is on point, let me tell you! He will come up with some of the silliest stories sometimes. Other times he’s completely serious and tells me the sweetest things, like when he told me earlier today, “Momma I love you and brother so so much! And Piper too, not Allie today.”

How I really know his imagination is in overdrive right now is due to a very innocent little story he has started telling me the last few days. You see, Xander has an imaginary friend. His friend is named Tiny. Tonight during dinner Tiny was waiting for Xander in his room and wanted Xander to finish eating so they could play. Then when he got in the bath he had to run back to his room and tell Tiny to wait for him. When I ask him if Tiny is a boy or a girl, Xander just says, “It’s just Tiny, Mom!” And then he’ll whisper to Tiny and start giggling. He has had to tell Tiny things more today than any other day so far, and we had to wait on Tiny to come before we could leave the house to go to the exchange today too. Apparently Tiny walks slow–or maybe he/she has short legs and it just takes him/her a while to catch up!

His newest friend makes me smile. I hope this innocence lasts, because it brings a constant joy to my days at home with the boys. There is something about Xander having an imaginary friend that makes his growing into a little boy more real. While I don’t necessarily like having to slow down and wait on Tiny, Xander’s new friend is reminding me that he’s growing up fast, so I’ll be patient with Tiny and his/her slow walking. Hopefully our new friend sticks around a while, and hopefully the concerts do too!

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