I’ll be honest, the last 12 or so hours haven’t been our best ever.

Last night Paul was holding a sleeping Liam while I did my leg workout and little man woke up. I tried to hurry and finish but he was NOT a happy camper. I ended up just taking him and immediately Liam got sick all over me. I’ll spare you the details. We did sleep last night, and thankfully he slept late this morning. However I was constantly waking up to check on my little guy. He hasn’t thrown up anymore today, but has had the opposite issue. I’m really hoping I don’t jinx myself when I say we’ve been in the clear for nearly two hours.
I’m sure you already know this, but stomach bugs are NO fun, and they are especially no fun when it’s your sweet 9 month old that’s sick!

Now we have a much happier Liam.. Let’s just pray that Xander and the rest of our family get spared from this nasty bug!

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