Now that Liam is mobile I’ve had to really work on my multitasking. The kid crawls faster than lightning, and is already standing and taking steps around furniture so in all moments of the day I have to keep an eye on him no matter what else I’m doing! In the rare moments that he’s sleeping I try and get as much done as possible, but I also have to keep Xander as quiet as possible. (Which means he can’t give me his little vocal concerts that he has grown extremely proud of!)
Today, I had to meal plan and make my grocery list! The commissary is closed Sunday and Monday and we’re running out of staples so I have to go as soon as super dad is back with the car. With Liam strapped to my chest sleeping I got to planning!

Of course Xander decided he needed my full undivided attention, so I handed him a Parenting magazine. Why? To practice colors!! I could easily tell him “find me something red!” And he would spend a few minutes flipping through the pages until he found something red! So, meals are planned, grocery list is made, and we practiced our colors too! Now if the boys will both nap at the same time this afternoon this tired momma might be able to get some sleep too!!
What things are you guilty of doing in order to get things done? Anything you’re extremely great at when it comes to multitasking?

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