Brother Love

I often find myself telling people that the boys love each other so much! And they really do.
Yes, Xander enjoys taking toys that “Eeam is too little to play with” a little too much, and “Eeam no!” seems to be a favorite phrase of his lately, but they really do love each other more than anything.

Example? A little while ago Xander got in trouble for being too rough with Allie, and after I got onto him he covered himself up completely with the blanket and was crying. Liam got down from my lap where he had been nursing, crawled over and uncovered the blankets by Xander’s face to check on him. And then covered him in kisses.
When they’re in high school stories like this will completely embarrass them, but they’ll also remind me just how sweet my baby boys are. Their love for each other reaffirms that having Liam when we did was the most perfect thing for our family no matter how crazy two under the age of two is! I always say the boys are my biggest blessings, and they truly are! I don’t know what I’d do without their shenanigans. :)

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