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We’ve had a busy few weeks around here!  Paul got selected to be a juror for a murder trial and if you have never had the privilege of being a juror’s wife let me tell you, it isn’t the best gig.  They can’t talk about the trial, he couldn’t really take his lunch because they got kicked out of the courthouse so I had to eat all the leftovers myself, and the boys didn’t get to see much of dad because he didn’t get home until it was close to bath time most of the nights!  He’s back at his normal job now!  Thankfully there is a bit of good news as far as his normal job goes too!  He is now what they call a “day walker” and has a set Monday through Friday schedule!  He started today, and while I’m a little nervous about planning out the days for the boys and myself, I know this is the best thing for us all as we’ll have some stability.  (Plus he doesn’t have to work nights anymore and working nights is NO FUN!)  Also this means no more working weekends!  So, he will be able to help with soccer ALWAYS now. :)

We do "Toddler Soccer" on Saturdays.  Some days Xander plays soccer with friends, some days he plays blocks with Liam.

We do “Toddler Soccer” on Saturdays. Some days Xander plays soccer with friends, some days he plays blocks with Liam.

New things with the boys include Liam getting more teeth!  Right now he has four (two on top and two on bottom) but he’s getting at least two more and his mood changes on an hourly basis.  I think my Dad has got Liam figured out though, he pretty much said as long as the boy is either A) outside or B) has a mouth to play with or C) has something to drum on his outlook on life is pretty positive!  Add in some milk and that kiddo lives the life.  Xander has developed a case of what I call “The Daddy’s” and is now a huge Daddy’s boy.  Breaks my heart, but it’s nice that I’m not both boys’ top pick!  We can divide and conquer a little more easily! And speaking of conquering, Xander conquered his bounce house fear over the weekend!  We went to a birthday party where he was the biggest kid for a little while and in that time he got into the bounce house when no one else was in it, and he actually likes it now!  Up until now he’s always been leery of them, probably because he has gotten trampled several times by the big kids!  I’m thinking one might be a must have for his party in August!

The blur in the orange shirt? That'd be Xander!  He was having so much fun I couldn't get a good photo!

The blur in the orange shirt? That’d be Xander! He was having so much fun I couldn’t get a good photo!

While we were at the party he ate pizza, had juice boxes, ate some candy, ate two bags of Cheetos, and had two slices of cake.  We were there for about 4 hours, but still the sugar high from all of that was a little intense.  I’ve committed to spending this week free of processed foods to bring him back to normal.  This is probably a good thing because he has been a little sassy pants lately too!  I never really factored in how much food plays a part on his attitude, but it really does.  While he’s still been cranky and sassy lately, he isn’t bouncing off the walls so it’s all a little more bearable.  I don’t plan on becoming a food blogger any time soon, or really ever, but I do plan on sharing a few recipes we’ve done recently over the next couple of days.  There won’t be photos that make your mouth water like on my favorite food blogs, but they’re pretty easy recipes that we’ve enjoyed.  That’s all for playing catch up! Hopefully with Paul’s new work schedule I’ll get back to blogging more regularly! (We can hope, right?)

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