Too much excitement

Yesterday the boys got to spend the majority of the day with Nana and Granddaddy Luna. They had an absolute blast being outside most of the day, getting lots of new toys and clothes, and just having a great time getting extra attention, but neither of them took really good naps. (Xander slept all of 10 minutes!!) So today, when Liam woke up at seven I tried my hardest to keep him quiet so Xander could sleep. Sleep he did! Xander slept until 8:30, an hour and a half later than the norm, which meant Liam got to play with ALL the toys by himself! The boys are both awake now and enjoying the new toys nana brought, and I’m enjoying a little “me time” before we brave going to the grocery store. This afternoon I plan on starting to dye eggs with the boys. I can’t believe Easter is on Sunday! This year has flown by so far!!

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