Easter Eggs

20140418-114705.jpgWe dyed Easter eggs yesterday. First, for those with little ones, there’s a pin on Pinterest where you place the egg inside a wire whisk and let them dunk the whisk. It’s GENIUS! Xander did that for the first twenty minutes and didn’t get dirty at all! Then he decided he wanted to use his hands to get the egg out of the whisk and we slowly spiraled into a melt down.
It made me a bit thankful we only do this once a year, because my neat freak child couldn’t handle it more than that. We ended our egg dying experience by accidentally knocking a cup over, and I thought he was going to shatter the windows by the high pitched shrieking that followed. The ends of his nails are still colored today, but he hasn’t noticed thankfully.

What I’ve noticed is how beautiful the eggs he dyed turned out. There is a sheriff’s deputy here that is known for saying “I look at these beautiful children and know there is a God in heaven.” And that’s kind of how I felt when I saw Xander’s eggs this morning.

When we set them aside to dry they were all solid colors, and I’ll be honest several of them were the famous “preschool gray”. If you don’t know what that is, look at any preschool paint palate. All the colors get mixed and you end up with a gray or brown color depending on what colors were given to start. The gray colored eggs ended up being some of the prettiest ones though. I’m not sure what caused it to happen, but all the eggs ended up looking speckled.

20140418-115019.jpgNow, of course I see my children and know there’s a God in Heaven, but when their artwork comes out like this it completely proves it. I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter! He IS risen. :)

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