Happy Mother’s Day!

I doubt I’m the only mother that feels as if the day her first child was born her entire life changed.  When Xander was born I felt as if my life truly began.  I still feel that way.  There’s an old cliche that goes something like, “You’ll always look back and wonder what your life was like before you had them.”  While I definitely remember what life was like before the boys, I can’t imagine going back to that now.  I truly love being their momma more than anything else in this world–even chocolate!

In case you can't read, the painting says "Mother's Day 2014" and then Xander painted a masterpiece and it has both of the boy's hand prints.

In case you can’t read, the painting says “Mother’s Day 2014” and then Xander painted a masterpiece and it has both of the boy’s hand prints.

For all the other moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope your babies spoil you rotten, whether that is with extra cuddles, flowers, breakfast, a smile, or a phone call!  I wanted to sleep in, but Liam wanted to play so we played–and I don’t regret that at all.  I had mentioned a while back something I saw on Pinterest that I loved–instead of a card, one daddy got the Mom a notebook and every year their kids added to the notebook.  Well Super Dad had to one-up that idea and got a scrapbook.  The boys painted me a picture and had an 8×10 printed of one of my favorite pictures of the boys.  Then framed another one of my favorites.  Talk about a perfect present for me-pictures and artwork!

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