Weekend Projects

We have had a weekend of projects, which in our house makes for the best kind of weekend! Friday morning Paul decided he was going to tackle the challenge of building the dining room storage center I sketched out 2 months ago, which was really exciting for me! I’m calling it my late Mother’s Day present–that’s how happy I am about it!

Not to be left out I started my own project last night after he finished his, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. About a week ago on our nightly walk I found an art easel that someone had kicked to the curb. It wasn’t the prettiest, and was missing a few screws, but it was in good shape other than that. The boys both liked coloring on it when I got it home so I knew it was a good find and would be even better once I fixed it up!

Fast forward through some sanding, several coats of spray paint, and screwing everything back into place and it turned into a pretty awesome $10 easel.
I’m thinking about getting a roll of paper and adding a wooden dowel to the top so that the boys can make paper masterpieces alongside the chalk and dry erase ones. I’m just not sure where to find a roll of paper. If you have any ideas be sure to send them my way!

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