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5 years? Really?


5 years ago today we said our “I do’s” and got married. People basically told us we were crazy, and we probably were. They told us to wait, and maybe we should have, but I definitely don’t regret a single thing. (Well except maybe just eloping and having more time to ourselves that weekend!! I kid, I kid!!)

In all honesty, five years ago I promised to give my best, and Paul promised to give his best too. There have been days where I don’t even know what my best is, but one thing is for sure–he always gives his. I’m not an easy person to live with, I’d much rather be “creative” whether that be sewing or cooking something new than I would be cleaning. I like staying up late knowing I have to wake up early the next morning. I have LOTS of faults. Probably more faults than redeeming qualities lots of days! But my husband doesn’t care. He gives me his best. He loves me at my worst. He has made the last five years fly by and seem like our wedding day was just the hottest day of the year last year instead of five years ago!
Maybe we should have waited, maybe we were crazy–maybe we are crazy. But one thing is for sure, there is no one else on the face of this earth I’d rather do crazy with for the next 50+ years!

Happy Father’s Day!

Things change once you have kids. It’s cliche but so very true. Father’s Day used to consist of finding a card and calling it a day. Now, I’m overwhelmed by realizing just how important all the fathers in my life are. 20140615-120453-43493491.jpg
Growing up my dad was always a “good time”. I have memories of Bell’s Theme Park in Tulsa and begging to ride the Zingo over and over again. Memories of stopping at the Sonic on the way to his house for dinner, cheese coney please with just the meat the cheese and the bread and cheese covered tator tots! I had no idea my dad could cook, because we always had fun food, and I had no idea the wealth of knowledge he’d provide once I grew out of my cranky teenage years. In the last few years he’s provided so much insight into gardening, cooking, fishing, and even raising the boys! I’m so thankful to have the relationship I have with my dad, and I’m also thankful he’s such an amazing “granddaddy” to my boys. Xander immediately wants to FaceTime him every night when the bath water starts and that is their “special time”. I’ll always be happy that they have the relationship they do. :)


Not only do I have an amazing Dad, but I have also been blessed to have great relationships with my grandparents! My Granddad.. Oh where to even begin. He’s been such an influence on me in so many ways. I’ll always look for his approval and I’m so thankful he is a big education pusher. I wouldn’t have gotten my scholarship without his “you need to apply for this” lecture, and other lectures he gave my cousins and I growing up helped shape me into who I am today. He taught me how to make his chocolate chip cookies (the recipe is on the back of the tollhouse bag, just swap the butter out for crisco!) and on our most recent trip to Oklahoma he showed Xander and the other great-grandkids how to make them too. Gran is a special man to our family and I hope he has a wonderful Father’s Day relaxing.

The of course I have my amazing husband. Raising two crazy little men can be tough, and I’m so thankful to have someone so loving, caring, patient, and crazy enough to go down this road with me. Whether it’s building Legos or taking the boys out on a run, he’s always helping them to grow–and survive their crazy momma! He helps teach them colors, shapes and letters and how to be polite, productive members of society. We are so blessed to have him in our life!
There are other men that definitely deserve kudos too!

My Granddaddy Luna has always been a phone call away and showed the boys just how much love he has when he visited us a few months ago. Pawpaw has been there as a rock on my moms side of the family supporting Memaw and Bobby and acting as a caretaker showing just how important family is, not to mention he’s a hero in more ways than one. My Uncle Denny showed me what a great dad to little boys looks like, and his example has given Super Dad a huge pair of footsteps to try to fill for our boys!
I hope the fathers in your life are fully enjoying their Father’s Day whether they’re watching the World Cup, barbecuing, or just enjoying the day with their little (and not so little) ones! Happy Father’s Day dads of the world! It’s a better place with you here!!

Bad Day Gone Good

I really hadn’t planned on blogging about today. Because it was one of those horrible, no good, very bad days. The kind where I texted my best momma friend and had her talk me off the crazy lady cliff. (And I texted her because my children were both screaming and the dogs kept barking so I wouldn’t have been able to hear her if I’d called!) If you’re reading this, I absolutely love you Cassi and thank you for letting my have a panic attack/pity party!
Anyway, I wasn’t going to write about my day because bad days happen and no one wants to read about them. But, Paul got home before bed time, and the boys were so, so, SO very excited to see him. And Liam took his first steps to Paul!!
I was so excited because both of their faces were absolutely ecstatic. And heartbroken at the same time because I deserved those steps after today. But then it hit me, he has been gone all day long, just like every day, making money to support us–and to allow me to stay home for all the firsts, like the first smile, first giggle, I own all those. So yes, my last baby just took his first steps to his Daddy at the very start of a very happy Father’s Day weekend! I dare your little ones to top that present! Because to me, that’s the absolute best present that could have been given!!


Parenting Surprises: Princess Vitamins For My Boys?

Today I did something I never thought I would ever do.  I bought Princess Vitamins.  Now, I never thought I’d be buying princess anything since I have two wonderful, frog catching, mud-pie making, car driving boys.

Let me start by setting the scene.  Liam’s first birthday party is tomorrow and we spent our morning running last minute errands for that, dropping off dry cleaning, and what feels like a million other things.  The commissary’s watermelons looked to be on their last leg yesterday so I had to go to the grocery store out in town to grab one, and while I was there I went down the vitamin aisle to replace Xander’s vitamins that have expired.  While on the vitamin aisle another mom stopped me and told me that the vitamins next door at CVS were buy one get one free.  Well, never to miss a deal I put back the ones in my cart and we bought our watermelon and headed next door.

He is very happy with them, and as long as hes happy--Im happy too!

He is very happy with them, and as long as he’s happy–I’m happy too!

Well, by the time we got the watermelon and other last minute items in the car it was getting awfully close to nap time,  but I had a million other things to do, so I told Xander if was really good in CVS he could pick out which vitamins he wanted to get.  Now we don’t buy vitamins that often, and honestly he probably doesn’t even need to take one because he eats a little bit of everything. So since my vitamin knowledge is somewhat limited I figured his options would be Flintstones or gummies.  I was wrong.  It seems that every character known to man now has their own brand of vitamins, including Cars and Disney Princesses.  I assumed Cars would be the choice but he was really eyeing the Princesses.  At first I tried discouraging by telling him that the Princesses were usually for little girls but he wasn’t having it.  He even told me, “Mom, I’m good, I pick!” in his most diplomatic tone.  So, we grabbed the Princess vitamins (and the Cars because they were free) and headed to check out.

Then.. An older gentleman that I guess had seen us looking at the vitamin options stopped us and told Xander in a pretty stern voice that Princess vitamins were for girls and he needed to take them back.  Cue complete Todzilla meltdown and total embarrassment for me.  I finally grabbed the Princess vitamins out of my little guy’s hands and squatted beside and him and told him we could get whichever vitamins he wanted.  He nodded, dried his tears, and said, “Mom, they are pretty like you! I want the Princesses.”  So we now have a pink and purple bottle of vitamins sitting on top of our microwave for all to see.  IMG_3374

On the way home we talked about how usually Princesses are for girls, and how Xander is a boy.  He knows this.  He also was the one to tell me that if we played Princesses he could be Prince Charming and I could be Cinderella.  He also said Liam has to be the mouse.   So am I worried that my two year old picked out the girly vitamins and might end up a “F@g” like the man at CVS said he’d be? Not in the least bit.  And even if he did, I’d still love him just as much.  So in case the gentleman that stopped us in CVS and caused a meltdown ever finds my blog, next time just butt out.  We’ve got things covered in this house.  Right down to our Disney Princess Vitamins.