Sick beach babies

Liam wasn't happy to touch the sand this morning, probably due to the 101 fever!

Liam wasn’t happy to touch the sand this morning, probably due to the 101 fever!

Life has gotten a little busy around here lately.  I took on babysitting a little girl who is in between the boys as far as age goes, and literally all my free time has been spent cleaning and trying to keep from going crazy.  We’ve also been sick two of the last three weeks!  Both boys are running high fevers (Liam is staying at 101-102 WITH medicine!) and we have all gotten pink eye!

My sweet beach baby!

My sweet beach baby!

That being said, life definitely goes on and we’ve actually been good despite all the crazy.  Paul and I decided it isn’t worth the stress of getting sick and not having any downtime to babysit right now, so it’s back to just the boys and me during the day!  We’re getting back into a routine, and since we’ve been cooped up inside thanks to being sick all week I made the executive decision to visit the beach this morning after dropping Super Dad’s work bag off.  Did you know he is training for the Marine Corps Marathon which happens this month and has been running to work several times a week? He ran this morning so we had to take him a bag of clothes and his lunch.  I stopped along the way and got the boys donut holes and then we spent about an hour walking along the beach looking for seashells for a project we’ve got going on.

He really wanted to wear flip flops but they were hard to keep on.

He really wanted to wear flip-flops but they were hard to keep on.

We are so blessed to live so close to the beach!  I’m so thankful to have been able to squeeze in a little fresh air with my sick babies this morning, I think it has gotten our day off on a much brighter note than we’ve had the last week for sure!  Hope you and your family are having a happy and HEALTHY October!

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