IMG_8115aMy name is Tasha and I am a mother of two little boys.  When I’m not busy taking care of them I love learning to use my camera, sewing, decorating our house, doing crafts, and of course cooking and eating good food!  My blog centers around keeping our family up to date with the boys, but also focuses on things others might enjoy doing with their own children.


I grew up in Oklahoma with two sisters that are still beyond amazing.  Married a Marine, and after finishing my degree in Spanish moved to SoCal and had our son Xander! We moved to Key West, FL in 2013 and had our second little boy Liam; that’s right the dog and I are now outnumbered by the boys! I’ve found that little boys are pretty awesome though, and I don’t know what I’d do without mine.

He is pretty perfect, and he has lots of hair!

Other random information about me: I love spending time with family and friends, our dog Allie, dessert and Mexican food.  Snuggle time is the best.  My little sisters are amazing and I look up to them in many ways.  Baking is one of my stress relievers, and so is spending time at the beach!  I love rollercoasters, country music, Jesus, little kids, laughing so hard I cry, autumn leaves, and flip-flops.  I’m a lover of sunshine, rain, and snow, sale racks, chocolate, and most of all life: the good and the bad.416719_3666193580591_1864413020_o

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