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Tuesday timeout: This Crazy World


We haven’t gotten cable/satellite tv since the move–and I honestly don’t miss it. However I do end up feeling a little out of touch with the world on days that I don’t log onto the computer and read the news. Yesterday was no exception.. I had to go into the Navy Clinic here to get my OBGYN switched–that’s a whole other story in itself. Anyways, while I was there the Boston bombings happened, and I saw on tv the immediate aftermath.

I had Xander with me, because Paul has been working nights and was at home sleeping. And I was suddenly reminded of 9-11 and all the bad things in this world. My heart is broken for all of those affected by this tragedy, as well as our children. I have this aching feeling that this is slowly becoming the new normal, and that hurts more than anything else.
I hope all my friends with little ones are holding them extra tight and keeping them innocent as long as possible. There’s so much evil in this world that I feel like we’re going to have to be extra diligent in keeping our littles safe and secure. As much as I want it to be, the world isn’t the same place even my generation grew up in–which is heartbreaking but it’s also reality. :(


33 weeks pregnant with baby #2! :)

33 weeks pregnant with baby #2! :)

Tuesday Timeout: Life in the fast lane

After being here nearly three weeks I can finally say we’re getting back to our “normal” everyday lifestyle.  All of the boxes are unpacked–except for one that has clothes that are too small for Xander–and all the rooms are pretty much put together with exception of the baby’s room/office.  But even the office side of things is pretty well done.  I do need to organize my craft stuff, but anyone with a “creative brain” knows that there are more important things to do than organizing–too bad my husband doesn’t have that same brain, haha!!

Enjoying the sunset at the Marina by our house.

Enjoying the sunset at the Marina by our house.

We are back to walking nearly every night after dinner again, and one of my favorite walks is less than two miles round trip, but we get to see the sunset at the marina if we time it just right.  And there is also a little diner that has a live band pretty often.  Of course with Xander’s love of music the band is a big “plus” for him, so we’ll let him get out of whatever stroller he’s in and he’ll have his own little dance party until it’s time to head back towards the house.

With Key West being a tourist town we always see tons of older vacationers when we go this way and they always tell us how sweet Xander is and to really take it all in because it goes by so fast.  I can honestly say that I’m feeling it go by faster and faster lately.  I can remember snuggling up on the couch with little man nursing and just watching tv or reading–that doesn’t happen very often anymore, well the nursing part doesn’t happen at all! But now he’s too busy to cuddle with momma lots of times… Just yesterday while I was sitting he went and got the mop and starting mopping the living room and dining room like he had “helped” me do earlier in the day.

Mopping the dining room for me.

Mopping the dining room for me.

Part of our “new normal” has included Xander helping out a lot more.  I know he’s still a baby, but he really wants to help me do things so I’m letting him.  My mom reminded me yesterday that he isn’t going to want to help in about 10 or so years so I’m taking full advantage of his eagerness now.  His “chores” include carrying Allie’s dog food over to its spot while I carry the water bowl, helping load and unload the washing machine and dryer, and “helping” sweep–this one is more to keep him busy while I sweep, he basically just bangs the dustpan on the floor until I’m ready to sweep the dirt into it.

Helping me make dinner.

Helping me make dinner.

He also thinks it’s his job to help me make dinner.  Which to tell the truth I enjoy about 90% of the time.  The other 10% I’m scared he’s going to grab onto something he’s not supposed to have and burn himself.  BUT, so far so good.  The picture above we’re making “pumpkin biscuits” to go with our breakfast for dinner.  We all loved them by the way, we just won’t be adding ANY cayenne pepper next time.  It’d be good for more savory meals, but with breakfast it was just too much spice–and we like spicy around here! :)

30 weeks down, 10ish to go.

30 weeks down, 10ish to go.

Not only is Xander growing up too fast, but this pregnancy is going by too fast also.  According to the average pregnancy I’m 3/4 of the way done… According to when Xander was born I’ve got less than two months to go!  I haven’t decided how we’re going to decorate the nursery or anything else for that matter!  So other than being a little stressed about that, I’m trying to enjoy these last few weeks with the baby INSIDE of me, instead of outside of me–because all my mom friends know how we just think pregnancy sleep is bad until we have a newborn. :) Honestly though, I’m trying to enjoy it just being me and Xander while Paul’s at work before baby #2 gets here–and while X naps and after he’s in bed at night I’ve been looking at Etsy and Pinterest among other sites to get ideas on how to decorate the baby’s room and our office.  I did buy a new “toy shelving unit” for Xander’s room, and the one he has now will come into the baby’s room for clothes, etc.  Also we ordered some more hangers and the crib mattress.  Guess that just leaves a couple sets of sheets and decorations.  Oh and of course his own outfit to come home in… I refuse to let him come home in hand-me-downs since he’ll probably be spending the majority of the next 18 years in them!! Haha.

Tuesday Timeout: I love boys!

Growing up I was a girly girl, maybe not always on the outside, but definitely on the inside.  My cousins always wanted to catch snakes and I always tried to talk them out of it–which never worked.  I didn’t like baiting my hook when we went fishing, or even taking the fish off of the hook once I caught one.  I hated playing softball during the summer, I only played basketball during 8th grade because every single girl in my school did.  (It was a VERY small school!) And any other time there was exercise I tried to find a way to ditch.  (In high school I got my athletic credit from show choir!  All this being said, when we first got pregnant with Xander I wanted a boy!  But once we found out he was a boy I immediately had a panic attack because I am NOT good at “boy stuff.”  Luckily, Xander doesn’t mind cooking and baking and having dance parties with Mommy, actually he loves these things.

High five--he learned how to use the screw driver!

High five–he learned how to use the screw driver!

Last night Paul reminded me that I’m still no good at “boy stuff” as Xander an I were playing with his cars, but I am getting better.  Just in case you’re wondering, it’s apparently way more fun to make the cars crash than it is to just drive them around making car noises.  Paul showed me this and it is true.  Haha!


So, while I still am not the best at boy stuff, I am learning.  And I was beyond excited to find out that we are having another little boy when we did the gender screening last month, because even if I’m not good at “boy stuff” I still make a pretty darn good “mom to boys.” :)


And here is the 20 week belly bump!  I’m HALFWAY through the pregnancy, statistically anyways!

20 weeksI’m still a little smaller than I was with Xander, but I’m expecting to explode in another week or two.

It’s still a boy!!

We didn’t do a whole lot over the weekend.  A little shopping here and there, cleaning, recycled a pile of electronics and then of course Paul went on a ten mile run in preparation for his half marathon this weekend.  Other than that we were lame. :)

Today Xander and I had a busy morning cooking breakfast and playing and then he took a nap, I got ready, and once he woke up we headed to pick up Paul and go to our ultrasound appointment.  Baby #2 is still a boy! And he’s definitely ALL boy!  He wasn’t shy about showing off his boy parts, but would NOT let the ultrasound tech get a good view of his umbilical cord.  When she finally DID get the view he was holding onto it and waving a peace sign!!  Don’t believe me? Ask Paul!  I couldn’t make that up! Haha!

side profile

Here’s his side profile, and because I know my Gran will look at this and not know what it is, his head is pretty centered, and his arm is up by his face.  He’s facing up in the sonogram, so it’s almost like he’s sucking his thumb–which he did for the majority of the ultrasound appointment.

Other than her having issues getting a few of the pictures that she needed it was a pretty uneventful ultrasound.  He wasn’t nearly as mobile as he was when we did the Early Gender Screening last month, which was aggravating for the tech but kind of nice for me because he’s been so wild in there lately.  Also, I didn’t get sick the entire time, which was REALLY nice for me!  Haha!  Tomorrow I’ll be twenty weeks, which was when the morning sickness subsided with Xander.  This baby teased me and it was fading, but over the weekend it came back full force.  Today has been good though, so maybe it’ll just disappear tomorrow! :)

Tuesday Timeout

While reading Cheri’s Soapbox Saturday post I was inspired to do something similar, not so much in honor of Aleida, but more to have photos for Xander.  We have LOTS of photos (taken by me so they’re not all great) of him with Paul, but since Paul has been home and I’ve quit getting photos “done” by friends there aren’t as many of just the two of us.  So my challenge for myself, inspired by Cheri at I Am Momma and Aleida, is to take “time out” of my day to post at least one photo of X and myself every Tuesday.  I picked Tuesday simply because that’s the day this pregnancy “changes” so it’ll be a nice way to update on the belly bump also.

Speaking of belly bump, I’ve been taking weekly photos, just like I did with Xanderman.  Here’s weeks 13-18:

13weeksa 14weeksa 15weeksa 16weeksa 17weeksa 18weeksa

I’ll still be taking weekly photos of just me and the bump, but I also plan on making sure I take pictures of me and Xander throughout the week.  Tuesday will just be the day that those all get posted.  I’m starting to plan out what days I’ll be posting what/what days I’ll even be posting in order to get myself into a routine.  I figure that will make it easier for me once we really begin this move.

So here goes, our Tuesday Timeout photos of the week:


I snapped this one while I was running his bath water last night.

And this one I took just a few minutes ago!

And this one I took just a few minutes ago! No he doesn’t have anything but a diaper on, and yes that is a toy screwdriver. Gotta love boys!

Since I know I’ll be doing this every week maybe that will give me more incentive to take them more often, and give me a creative boost. Good thing Santa brought me a tripod along with my camera. :)


Oh, and here I am 19 weeks prego, feeling pretty bloated!