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The past few days have been a whirlwind for us, and I haven’t really kept up with what day of the week it is. (Hence the no Tuesday Timeout this week!)
So backtracking:
Saturday we had a family day and just hung out. We went to the beach and had a few really crazy yet very cool things happen. On the walk to the beach from the hotel we ran into a couple that had been out fishing all day throwing their fish guts to the pelicans. Xander was completely amazed by the big birds and happily sat and watched them eat their fishy snack. Then on the way back from our walk to the beach a group had been out catching lobsters and they let him touch them and check them out. Again he was entranced by the wildlife and had a great time just sitting and watching. They also had a HUGE conch shell with the animal still inside, it was at least 18 inches long, but probably closer to 2 feet!! We were impressed.

He didn’t nap at all Saturday and we paid for it, so Sunday we went to the house (which was empty!) and set up his playpen in his room and he took a nap while we watched movies on the laptop. After his nap we put on our swim suits and went to the beach and actually got in the water. As much as we loved San Diego’s beaches there were very VERY few times we got in the water in March! So it was quite a change to be out swimming in early March here!!!
Monday the movers came with all of our stuff and since Paul was at work it was pretty stressful for me. They don’t unpack you like we had been told, so I was trying to unpack as much as possible but still tell them where things were going to go. All this was happening as I was realizing that our living room furniture was NOT going to fit how we had planned. Paul eventually got off–but not before they informed me that the screws for our bed weren’t right and half the hardware for one of the cribs was missing!! But nevertheless he got home, and in true saint form he figured out the bed situation, put together some furniture that they couldn’t figure out–since manuals were lost during the move!!–and then made the crib situation work. Thankfully baby #2 isn’t here yet, so Xander was able to sleep in the crib that did have all the pieces until today when we went to Home Depot and bought the missing pieces. (We’ll be keeping the receipts and making the movers pay for it one way or another because that’s complete nonsense!!)

Since Monday we’ve spent the majority of the days unpacking all of our stuff and trying to make it all fit. The living room took nearly two hours to just figure out a way that semi works.. We still don’t like it but it will have to do for the time being. I can happily say that my husband is amazing and while I was getting my dr appointment setup this morning he finished organizing our room and bathroom, so now we just have the boys’ rooms to unpack and get situated. Oh and their bathroom too. Xander is completely loving the new house because he has toys EVERYWHERE at the moment. I think the only room of the house that doesn’t have toys in it is our room, and that’s only because I’ve been keeping the door shut! He has been carting them around from one room to another, and with all the unpacking we’ve just been happy he’s keeping himself busy. I will say I’m ready to get his room finished so we can hopefully keep the rest of the house a little more toy free. :) (Haha, yeah right!)

Paul is off work for a few days so between the two of us we think we’ll be unpacked completely before Monday! Then I can start decorating and posting about our new house :) We’re planning on planting a garden to hopefully cut down on our grocery costs–it’s more expensive here than it was in California believe it or not!! And there are several other things we have planned that I’m pretty excited about! :)

Saying Goodbyes

Xander and his friend Nate playing chase.

Xander and his friend Nate playing chase.

Today pretty much ended all of our goodbye saying, and for that I’m thankful.  First, because I suck at it. Second, because I suck at it–oh wait.  Honestly, it’s just rough.  Even though I’ve only been here two years I’ve made really good true friends.

When I started going to play dates with other moms and babies Xander’s age I did it because we both needed out of the house and to socialize while Paul was deployed.  Here we are a little over a year later and the women I’ve met through his play group know what developmental milestones are like because we’re experiencing them together–the good and the bad!  In the last year our babies have gone from laying on blankets at Easter parties to fighting over who gets to play in the car and the ever popular running around in the grass playing chase.  Saying goodbye to my “mommy friends” was rough.  And I’m thankful that a few of them drug that out because it really did help me–and not just in the “entertaining Xander while I run around like a headless chicken” kind of way.

Today was a whole other kind of goodbye though.  We have truly been blessed to have amazing neighbors–the kind that take you to the emergency room and hold your screaming baby while your thumb gets sewn back together type.  Of course we have friends, but our neighbors across the street became nearly family to us.  Xander loves their boys, and in the mornings he would always hear their son’s car start up and walk over to the window and sign “up” so he could wave to him on his way to school.

We went by this afternoon and Xander of course was hungry–when is the child NOT hungry? haha!–and I kept trying to avoid having to leave, but eventually the time came.  (Much like how it’s been every other time I’ve said goodbye to our friends to tell the truth.) Luckily I had a cranky pants baby that needed all of my attention so I couldn’t feel sad as we were leaving, although I’m making up for it now-haha.  But besides that it went just about how every other goodbye so far has gone.  Tough.

Thankfully, we’re blessed to possibly have the option to come back here in three years if Paul stays in.  And who knows what the future holds?  Part of military life is packing up and going where they send you, and another part is making friends fast.  Thankfully we didn’t have to do the packing this time, and we’re both pretty good at making friends. We’ll just add this to our adventure list, and keep all our good friends on our Christmas card list.  :) We’re also extremely blessed to live in the age of technology–goodbyes would be so much more rough if I couldn’t check in on everyone via Facebook, or keep everyone updated on us by blogging!!