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Tuesday Timeout: Rain, Rain Go Away

I haven’t done a Tuesday Timeout in a while, and while I’d love to blame it on being so busy with two babies (which we definitely are in this household!) it’s more the fault of me not taking many pictures of me WITH the boys..

This is in our Florida Room.  When it rains like it did today, the mulch sometimes floods.

This is in our Florida Room. When it rains like it did today, the mulch sometimes floods.

That being said, Paul is home from work today and he took a few pictures for us. :) On his days off normally he and Xander would go on a bike ride, or go to the park, or go anywhere just to get out of the house (sometimes just play outside) and normally Xander and I spend at least part of our day outside as well–normally it’s in the morning because it’s so much cooler and not nearly as humid!! It didn’t happen this morning though.  I’m pretty sure it rained some last night, and right after breakfast it started pouring down.  We’re getting used to the rain because it’s rained nearly every day for the last month, there has maybe been 2-3 days we haven’t seen sprinkles at the very least!

Please let's go outside!!

Please let us go outside!!

I had planned a really fun morning that included meeting up with some other moms and kiddos down at the park.  We were going to meet up with our neighbor and her little girl, that’s a month older than Xander, and then walk down.  Of course, the rain crushed our plans!  So, I sent our neighbor a text asking if she and her daughter wanted to just come over and make play dough and play.

Pouring in some sprinkles.

Pretending to pour in some sprinkles. You can just barely see the top of little Liam’s head in this picture! Wearing him in the Boba is a total life-saver!

Originally I had planned on making it with both Xander and his little friend, but we had to clean the house a little and they were eating breakfast once we finished.  We ended up making it on our own and they got to our house just as we finished the second batch–we made blue and red.  As you can tell in the pictures Xander is still in love with using the kitchen appliances and is a huge helper.


Not so big on smiling today though.  We used our cookie cutters and my rolling-pin along with some cups and forks/spoons.  Xander is finally to the age that he’s starting to like play dough.  His friend wasn’t as enthused about it, but I think that’s more because there were new toys at our house.  I was REALLY impressed with Xander’s sharing skills, and while they definitely need practice, he’s better than I expected him to be.  Needing practice just means we’ll have to have our friends over more often though!! :)

The play dough recipe is really simple:
2.5 cups flour, plus extra
.5 cups salt
1.75 cups water
2 TBS oil
Food coloring

Mix flour and salt.
Bring water and oil to a boil adding food coloring.
Mix the dry ingredients into the wet.  (I did this backwards and just poured the hot water into the kitchenaid bowl of my mixer)
Mix until the dough isn’t sticky, adding additional flour as needed.

Tuesday Timeout: Then There Were Two

Oh my goodness! Life with two boys is a bit crazy.. Definitely more crazy than life with just Xander was!!
The boys are complete opposites! Xander was my little go with the flow baby… When Paul went back to work I actually set a timer so I would know when to wake him up and feed him and change his diaper because he would sit in a dirty diaper all day if you let him.. Liam goes into full on meltdown the second his pants are dirty! With Xander I felt like he’d never gain weight, and of course Liam gained 8.5 ounces in two days!! I know the similarities will eventually pop up, but right now it seems as though my boys are polar opposites, and I wouldn’t have them any other way!

Like I said before, Xander was my go with the flow baby. Little Liam is a bit more high needs, so thankfully I haven’t had too many times with both boys by myself. The few times I have had them to myself have been a bit overwhelming–although I’m sure it will get easier as I get more practice. Paul has of course proven his Super Dad status in that he can handle a newborn and toddler with ease–and has done so multiple times so I can catch up on some sleep!! (Yes he’s perfect and no I won’t share him!) I’m hoping that Super Parent stuff he’s made of is rubbing off on me some!

The Super Hero powers have definitely rubbed off on Xander! He’s the best big brother I’ve ever seen. Of course in the beginning he wanted nothing to do with Liam, but once we got him home from the hospital he started to warm up to the screaming alien we’re calling his little brother. He insists that baby brother takes a bath with him every night, and has this thing where if baby brother wears socks he needs to have socks on too. He also climbs on our bed when I’m changing Liam’s diaper and holds his hand and babbles to him and gives him kisses. It’s pretty sweet. I have to admit I was scared for Xander and wasn’t sure how he’d do having to share me and Paul with a baby, but he is handling it just fine. I’m proud to report that he has so much love to give that it hasn’t been an issue at all.

I have lots of photos to share in the next couple of days… Including the newborn pics we took of Liam! I absolutely love them and I know you will too. It’s so much fun having a little squishy newborn again–well besides the middle of the night feedings and him not being able to communicate his needs. (You don’t realize how nice it is having a toddler until you have a newborn! Haha!!) Having already done this once before, I know how quickly this stage will pass though, so I fully intend to enjoy it as much as possible. (Especially since this might be our last baby!)

Tuesday timeout: This Crazy World


We haven’t gotten cable/satellite tv since the move–and I honestly don’t miss it. However I do end up feeling a little out of touch with the world on days that I don’t log onto the computer and read the news. Yesterday was no exception.. I had to go into the Navy Clinic here to get my OBGYN switched–that’s a whole other story in itself. Anyways, while I was there the Boston bombings happened, and I saw on tv the immediate aftermath.

I had Xander with me, because Paul has been working nights and was at home sleeping. And I was suddenly reminded of 9-11 and all the bad things in this world. My heart is broken for all of those affected by this tragedy, as well as our children. I have this aching feeling that this is slowly becoming the new normal, and that hurts more than anything else.
I hope all my friends with little ones are holding them extra tight and keeping them innocent as long as possible. There’s so much evil in this world that I feel like we’re going to have to be extra diligent in keeping our littles safe and secure. As much as I want it to be, the world isn’t the same place even my generation grew up in–which is heartbreaking but it’s also reality. :(


33 weeks pregnant with baby #2! :)

33 weeks pregnant with baby #2! :)

Tuesday Timeout: Rough Mornings Don’t Mean The End of the World


This morning we got off to a very VERY rough start.  Xander woke up in a horrible, no good, very bad mood and stayed in that mood until about 30 minutes after breakfast.  By the way, breakfast consisted of throwing not only his spoon, but the bowl full of oatmeal as well.  I was about ready to throw in the towel, but finally just let him down from the high chair and he crawled around like a baby crying for about 15 minutes before coming back over to me (as I was finishing cleaning up his mess) and giving me a hug and signing “more”.  We started breakfast over again–this time I fed him, and while there was a bit of a protest since he’s been being a big boy and feeding himself lately, breakfast went a LOT smoother and our day seems to be headed in a much better direction.

We’ve already gone outside and played at the water table, and then came back inside and played cars and read books.  After a little while of reading books he took them all back to the bookshelf and put them away!  I asked him to put the cars away and he did no problem, then signed “sleepy” and walked back to his room!  Currently he’s taking a nap and I’m reminding myself that even with mornings like the one we’ve had, my little man is a complete and total blessing and he’s a lot smarter than I give him credit for!  I’m not sure there are many 20 month olds that will pick up their toys and ask to take a nap, but I’m VERY thankful that one of those 20 month olds is mine!

Last Friday we made “slime” and while it was a bit rough at the beginning–we haven’t played with play dough or anything similar since probably December!–Xander ended up LOVING it.  As usual, I love anything that he loves, and being able to manipulate the slime in various ways is beneficial as a sensory activity.  Paul was home and wasn’t too keen on him playing with it–he actually wrapped the high chair in plastic wrap–which don’t do that, cookie cutters don’t work if you do! But after a bit I think he realized it wasn’t as messy as it looked like in the beginning! IMG_4253If you look at my hands in the pictures you can see that they’re tinted blue, that IS from the slime.  It washed off really easily, and Xander’s hands didn’t even get blue–I think when I got the slime out of the bowl we mixed it in I picked up some of the food coloring to be honest.

IMG_4246Showing little man how to wiggle and jiggle the slime. :) We saved it in a Tupperware container and it’s in my little “stash” of activities to keep little man busy!  I’ve debated whether I want to save the activities for after the baby comes or not, and honestly I’ll probably just pull them down as we need them.

IMG_4329Speaking of the new baby, here’s the baby bump at 32 weeks.  Hard to believe that there is around two months left, TOPS!  I ordered the fabric to make his bedding on Sunday and I can’t wait for it to get here so I can get started during nap times!  I’ve also got to finish getting all the hand-me-downs from Xander sorted out!  Paul has actually requested that I do that this week!  Hopefully I’ll get everything done soon–especially since there isn’t TOO much time left!  :)

Tuesday Timeout: Life in the fast lane

After being here nearly three weeks I can finally say we’re getting back to our “normal” everyday lifestyle.  All of the boxes are unpacked–except for one that has clothes that are too small for Xander–and all the rooms are pretty much put together with exception of the baby’s room/office.  But even the office side of things is pretty well done.  I do need to organize my craft stuff, but anyone with a “creative brain” knows that there are more important things to do than organizing–too bad my husband doesn’t have that same brain, haha!!

Enjoying the sunset at the Marina by our house.

Enjoying the sunset at the Marina by our house.

We are back to walking nearly every night after dinner again, and one of my favorite walks is less than two miles round trip, but we get to see the sunset at the marina if we time it just right.  And there is also a little diner that has a live band pretty often.  Of course with Xander’s love of music the band is a big “plus” for him, so we’ll let him get out of whatever stroller he’s in and he’ll have his own little dance party until it’s time to head back towards the house.

With Key West being a tourist town we always see tons of older vacationers when we go this way and they always tell us how sweet Xander is and to really take it all in because it goes by so fast.  I can honestly say that I’m feeling it go by faster and faster lately.  I can remember snuggling up on the couch with little man nursing and just watching tv or reading–that doesn’t happen very often anymore, well the nursing part doesn’t happen at all! But now he’s too busy to cuddle with momma lots of times… Just yesterday while I was sitting he went and got the mop and starting mopping the living room and dining room like he had “helped” me do earlier in the day.

Mopping the dining room for me.

Mopping the dining room for me.

Part of our “new normal” has included Xander helping out a lot more.  I know he’s still a baby, but he really wants to help me do things so I’m letting him.  My mom reminded me yesterday that he isn’t going to want to help in about 10 or so years so I’m taking full advantage of his eagerness now.  His “chores” include carrying Allie’s dog food over to its spot while I carry the water bowl, helping load and unload the washing machine and dryer, and “helping” sweep–this one is more to keep him busy while I sweep, he basically just bangs the dustpan on the floor until I’m ready to sweep the dirt into it.

Helping me make dinner.

Helping me make dinner.

He also thinks it’s his job to help me make dinner.  Which to tell the truth I enjoy about 90% of the time.  The other 10% I’m scared he’s going to grab onto something he’s not supposed to have and burn himself.  BUT, so far so good.  The picture above we’re making “pumpkin biscuits” to go with our breakfast for dinner.  We all loved them by the way, we just won’t be adding ANY cayenne pepper next time.  It’d be good for more savory meals, but with breakfast it was just too much spice–and we like spicy around here! :)

30 weeks down, 10ish to go.

30 weeks down, 10ish to go.

Not only is Xander growing up too fast, but this pregnancy is going by too fast also.  According to the average pregnancy I’m 3/4 of the way done… According to when Xander was born I’ve got less than two months to go!  I haven’t decided how we’re going to decorate the nursery or anything else for that matter!  So other than being a little stressed about that, I’m trying to enjoy these last few weeks with the baby INSIDE of me, instead of outside of me–because all my mom friends know how we just think pregnancy sleep is bad until we have a newborn. :) Honestly though, I’m trying to enjoy it just being me and Xander while Paul’s at work before baby #2 gets here–and while X naps and after he’s in bed at night I’ve been looking at Etsy and Pinterest among other sites to get ideas on how to decorate the baby’s room and our office.  I did buy a new “toy shelving unit” for Xander’s room, and the one he has now will come into the baby’s room for clothes, etc.  Also we ordered some more hangers and the crib mattress.  Guess that just leaves a couple sets of sheets and decorations.  Oh and of course his own outfit to come home in… I refuse to let him come home in hand-me-downs since he’ll probably be spending the majority of the next 18 years in them!! Haha.