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Weekend Project: Our New Water Table

Since Paul is working 12 hour shifts now, I wanted to “be prepared” for LONG days with Xander–especially since I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy and it’s hot and HUMID here!

You might remember this beauty:


If not, it’s the water table I made while Paul was deployed.  I absolutely LOVED it, and a lot of work went into it. But, it didn’t match our patio furniture and there were a few things we didn’t like about it so we decided we would sell it in San Diego and make another one once we got to Key West.

Well, we’ve put it off and put it off.  Actually Paul made a picnic table for me–because I’m spoiled, I know! And there have been other small projects that have jumped the line, but on Friday I kindly asked that we make the water table over the weekend so Xander and I could have something to keep us “busy” and more importantly cool while Paul was working his 12 hour days!


So after about two-three hours of hard labor–haha!–Paul had built a new water table, with three bins instead of two for our little man.  We fixed the things we didn’t like about the old table (the lids didn’t go on the bins well, there was no storage for toys, etc.) and we also bought a Kreg Jig in order to make it look nicer. :) Here’s the tutorial:

DIY Water Table:


Shopping List:
1- 1×2 boards (8 feet long)
2- 1×3 boards (8 feet long)
1- 2×2 board (8 feet long)
3- 15 qt Sterlite storage bins with white/green lids

Tools Needed:
Tape Measure
Saw (Or have Home Depot or Lowe’s cut your wood for you!)
Kreg Jig
Wood Glue

Cut List:
2-1×3 @ 38 3/4” (long sides of top frame)
2 1×2 @ 14 7/8” (middle braces of top frame)
2-1×3 @ 14 7/8” (short sides of top frame)
4-2×2 @ 18” (legs)
2-1×3 @ 34 3/4” (long side of table skirt)
2-1×3 @ 13 7/8 (short side of table skirt)

(The table ends up being 18 3/4” tall which we have found to be perfect for Xander as well as our 6 year old neighbor who came over and tried it out immediately after it was finished.)


Step One: Top Frame

Untitled drawing

Drill two pocket holes in each end of the vertical boards. (There should be two holes at each of the blue arrows) Glue and attach with Kreg screws.

Step Two: Two legs and Short Skirt Sides

Untitled drawing-1

Drill two pocket holes in the end of one of the short skirt sides.  Glue and attach it to a leg with Kreg screws.  The side with the pocket holes should be 1/2” from the corner of the leg, as I’ve shown above (Don’t judge my Google Art skills–I know that they’re lacking!).  This side will face the inside of the table.

Step Three: All Four Legs With Short Skirt Sides

Untitled drawing-2

On the other end of the same short skirt board, drill two pocket holes on the side that will face the inside of table.  Glue and attach it to table leg.  (Again there should be a 1/2” from the corner of the leg, as I’ve tried to show in the drawing)  Repeat steps two and three with the remaining legs and short skirt side.


Step Four: Long Side of Table Skirt

Untitled drawing-4

Use the Kreg Jig to drill two pocket holes in one end of the long side of the table skirt (one of the 1×3’s measuring 34 3/4”).  Glue and attach it to one of the legs, 1/2” from the inside corner of the leg.  Just like the short sides, the pocket holes will face the inside of the table.


Step Five: Finishing the Table Skirt/Legs


On the other end of the same board, use the Kreg Jig to drill two more pocket holes on the inside of the skirt.  Glue and attach to the opposite leg with Kreg screws–again make sure there is a 1/2” space between the board and the corner of the leg.  Repeat steps four and five with the remaining table skirt board until you have the legs and skirt fully adjoined like pictured above.


Step Six: Joining Table Legs/Skirt to the Top Frame

Each green arrow represents where a pocket hole should go.  (Note that the inside of the skirt should be flush with the inside of the top frame on all sides.)

Each green arrow represents where a pocket hole should go. (Note that the inside of the skirt should be flush with the inside of the top frame on all sides.)

Place the “pretty side” of the Top Frame down on a flat surface (basically so that all the holes are where you can see them!) Place the table skirt/legs upside down on top of the frame.  Mark where the pocket holes are going to go.  Drill the pocket holes, then place back on top of frame, glue and attach using Kreg screws.


Check out his cool Home Depot apron from the kid’s project he got to do earlier that day!!

At this point the table itself is finished, so we had our big helper carry the bins over and then we filled them with water and toys and let him go to town.  We DO plan on finishing it, we just haven’t decided how yet.  Since there is SO much contact with water it’s important for there to be a high quality sealant, otherwise it will warp and get nasty fast–especially with the humidity here!  Since Dad had to go back to work though, I’m okay with waiting a weekend or two before we paint/seal it.


He thinks he’s so cool in his little shades! :)




The past few days have been a whirlwind for us, and I haven’t really kept up with what day of the week it is. (Hence the no Tuesday Timeout this week!)
So backtracking:
Saturday we had a family day and just hung out. We went to the beach and had a few really crazy yet very cool things happen. On the walk to the beach from the hotel we ran into a couple that had been out fishing all day throwing their fish guts to the pelicans. Xander was completely amazed by the big birds and happily sat and watched them eat their fishy snack. Then on the way back from our walk to the beach a group had been out catching lobsters and they let him touch them and check them out. Again he was entranced by the wildlife and had a great time just sitting and watching. They also had a HUGE conch shell with the animal still inside, it was at least 18 inches long, but probably closer to 2 feet!! We were impressed.

He didn’t nap at all Saturday and we paid for it, so Sunday we went to the house (which was empty!) and set up his playpen in his room and he took a nap while we watched movies on the laptop. After his nap we put on our swim suits and went to the beach and actually got in the water. As much as we loved San Diego’s beaches there were very VERY few times we got in the water in March! So it was quite a change to be out swimming in early March here!!!
Monday the movers came with all of our stuff and since Paul was at work it was pretty stressful for me. They don’t unpack you like we had been told, so I was trying to unpack as much as possible but still tell them where things were going to go. All this was happening as I was realizing that our living room furniture was NOT going to fit how we had planned. Paul eventually got off–but not before they informed me that the screws for our bed weren’t right and half the hardware for one of the cribs was missing!! But nevertheless he got home, and in true saint form he figured out the bed situation, put together some furniture that they couldn’t figure out–since manuals were lost during the move!!–and then made the crib situation work. Thankfully baby #2 isn’t here yet, so Xander was able to sleep in the crib that did have all the pieces until today when we went to Home Depot and bought the missing pieces. (We’ll be keeping the receipts and making the movers pay for it one way or another because that’s complete nonsense!!)

Since Monday we’ve spent the majority of the days unpacking all of our stuff and trying to make it all fit. The living room took nearly two hours to just figure out a way that semi works.. We still don’t like it but it will have to do for the time being. I can happily say that my husband is amazing and while I was getting my dr appointment setup this morning he finished organizing our room and bathroom, so now we just have the boys’ rooms to unpack and get situated. Oh and their bathroom too. Xander is completely loving the new house because he has toys EVERYWHERE at the moment. I think the only room of the house that doesn’t have toys in it is our room, and that’s only because I’ve been keeping the door shut! He has been carting them around from one room to another, and with all the unpacking we’ve just been happy he’s keeping himself busy. I will say I’m ready to get his room finished so we can hopefully keep the rest of the house a little more toy free. :) (Haha, yeah right!)

Paul is off work for a few days so between the two of us we think we’ll be unpacked completely before Monday! Then I can start decorating and posting about our new house :) We’re planning on planting a garden to hopefully cut down on our grocery costs–it’s more expensive here than it was in California believe it or not!! And there are several other things we have planned that I’m pretty excited about! :)

It’s still a boy!!

We didn’t do a whole lot over the weekend.  A little shopping here and there, cleaning, recycled a pile of electronics and then of course Paul went on a ten mile run in preparation for his half marathon this weekend.  Other than that we were lame. :)

Today Xander and I had a busy morning cooking breakfast and playing and then he took a nap, I got ready, and once he woke up we headed to pick up Paul and go to our ultrasound appointment.  Baby #2 is still a boy! And he’s definitely ALL boy!  He wasn’t shy about showing off his boy parts, but would NOT let the ultrasound tech get a good view of his umbilical cord.  When she finally DID get the view he was holding onto it and waving a peace sign!!  Don’t believe me? Ask Paul!  I couldn’t make that up! Haha!

side profile

Here’s his side profile, and because I know my Gran will look at this and not know what it is, his head is pretty centered, and his arm is up by his face.  He’s facing up in the sonogram, so it’s almost like he’s sucking his thumb–which he did for the majority of the ultrasound appointment.

Other than her having issues getting a few of the pictures that she needed it was a pretty uneventful ultrasound.  He wasn’t nearly as mobile as he was when we did the Early Gender Screening last month, which was aggravating for the tech but kind of nice for me because he’s been so wild in there lately.  Also, I didn’t get sick the entire time, which was REALLY nice for me!  Haha!  Tomorrow I’ll be twenty weeks, which was when the morning sickness subsided with Xander.  This baby teased me and it was fading, but over the weekend it came back full force.  Today has been good though, so maybe it’ll just disappear tomorrow! :)

Weekend Roundup

The last few days have been nice and pretty quiet also! Thursday we went to Paul’s unit’s After Holiday Party. (It was a potluck–I brought banana pudding and it was gone immediately.) Xander got to play with Dasia and of course we spent a great part of the afternoon pushing him in the swing, which is of course his favorite thing to do.


Happy as a clam in the swing.

Playing in the dirt with Dasia.

Friday we didn’t do a thing–with the exception of pick up the house and play hard. Saturday I woke up sick, and it was my birthday so that just made it worse. But, the boys took me out for breakfast and I was able to go get my hair trimmed and a pedicure & massage. Plus they took me out to eat for dinner too! Talk about a spoiled girl!


Drawing pictures.

Paul is back at work today, and I finished up the ABC can this morning so Xander has been busy playing with that.  We put the radio on and in between playing we’ve had several dance parties.  Also, since the Christmas tree is put away we have room for his little desk to go back to it’s normal “spot” so he’s spent a lot of time “drawing” pictures.  They’re all scribbles but still it’s nice that he can entertain himself for a few minutes with the pencil and paper so I can pick up the messes.  Later we’re going to go see our sign teacher and pick up a few DVDs for the future road trip.


Note the face! He’s having to really concentrate since the hole is smaller than the one in the box was.